Re: Agenda of Japan WG virtual meeting (FW: 【開催案内】 オンライン会合開催 2020/4/23)


Wonderful! I can upload with all our other videos on YouTube. From there I can share as unlisted for review, change to public when ready.


On Apr 24, 2020, at 13:05, Hiro Fukuchi <hiroyuki.fukuchi@...> wrote:

Yes, we have.
Owada-san from Socionext recorded the meeting.

Where can we share the video? Do you have any cloud storage?
Before disclosing to public, we want to check the video by ourselves.

Hiro Fukuchi (Hiroyuki.Fukuchi@...)

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Do we have a recording?

On Apr 24, 2020, at 11:33, Fukuchi, Hiroyuki (Sony)
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Yesterday, we had many participants in our virtual meeting.
There are numbers of participants for each session.

Promotion 76
License Info 83
Break 82
Tooling 79
Leaflet 77
Break 78
FAQ 81
Education 77
Closing 72

Max 83
Min 72

Hiro Fukuchi (Hiroyuki.Fukuchi@...) Sony

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