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For and of these can selection include the intention to suggest some tweaks after voting? For example, 1 and 2 could use a bit of variation to keep them from resembling the Olympic logo.

BTW, taking a minute to look around, I came across this interesting antique "real" open chain for example options 1, 2 and 3 could potentially borrow that idea.


On Tue, Mar 17, 2015 at 5:28 PM, Mike Dolan <mdolan@...> wrote:
OpenChain Working Group participants,

At the last working group meeting I offered to have our creative services team here at the Linux Foundation put together some logo ideas for the group to consider based on Qualcomm’s proposal. I’d like to thank David and his team as a starting point and all of you for the concept ideas that have been discussed in our various calls. Craig Ross from our LF team added a few options and we now have 5 concepts for the broader group to pick from. We’d like to setup an open vote for you to pick your preferred logos using a rank order model to determine the most popular one. 

Please find attached a PDF containing 5 logo concepts for your collective review and selection. To facilitate selection of the final logo candidate, we have put together a Condorcet internet poll, which you can locate here:
The voting options within this poll ("Concept 1," "Concept 2," etc.) correspond to the logo concepts in the attached file. You can see the corresponding labels “Concept 1”, etc in the upper left corner of the PDF pages.

I would also like to introduce Scott Nicholas to the working group members. Scott recently joined my team here at the Linux Foundation to assist with collaborative projects and legal programs. Scott will be working with me on OpenChain going forward.  While you are always welcome to reach out to me, please also free to contact Scott (snicholas@...) if you need assistance with any OpenChain matter.

Thank you in advance for your input on these logo candidates. If you have any issues voting, just let Scott or I know.


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