Re: [Openchain-conformance] OpenChain: The questions about Conformance

Matija Šuklje

Dne torek, 27. februar 2018 ob 03:00:23 CET je David Marr napisal(a):
- Is there any (FOSS) (SaaS) "workflow management" software adapted to OC
processes and templates?

DM: I'm reluctant to endorse a specific tool here, but the workflow tool my
eng teams happened to already be using was Jira, so we based our process
off of that.
Malcolm and I are working on a Kanban workflow and once it’s done intend to
contribute it to OC.

All work so far has been done by Malcolm in a spreadsheet. What I plan¹ to do
is turn it into an actual virtual Kanban board. Incidentially we also use
JIRA, so if there is any sense for us to cooperate, I would be happy to.


1 This has been sitting in my drawer for some time now, so all credit belongs
to Malcolm and all blame to me.
gsm: +386 41 849 552

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