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Hi everyone,


during yesterday’s meeting we spent some time talking about FOSS policies. Essentially, some bullet points were moved from G4 to G1 to avoid redundancies (which is necessary). I have been wondering, if the points were actually redundant.                 While under G1 we try and describe how everyone can know their FOSS responsibilities (by telling them through a FOSS policy), G4 could be designed as a sort of checklist (first, write a policy; second, define use cases, quality gates and such; …).


At the end of the meeting we discussed the two different approaches that are taken under G4 – SP4.2 and SP4.3. I have been wondering, if we could integrate these two approaches by (re-) sorting the bullet points into two groups:


1.                  What to do to generate/extract all the information that enables suppliers to actually be compliant


Most of the bullet points that are currently under SP4.3 could go here; most of the bullet points I added under SP4.2 would probably fit here, too.


2.                  What to do with this information once you have it.


Under this topic we could define the use cases (Internal Use vs. External Distribution/Availability etc.). For each use case we could describe how to further use the extracted information.


I am looking forward to discussing these thoughts during the next meeting!





Dr. Miriam Ballhausen



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Hi –


Thanks for meeting today.  It was good discussion around “Internal Procedures” and the role of a review board.  The agenda presentation and meeting minutes are posted on the wiki at


Please note the new date/time for our next meeting will be Mon, 5/4  at 9am PT, 12pm ET, 4pm UTC, 6pm CEST.


Let me know if I missed anything and if you have any questions.






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Hi Everyone,


Here’s the agenda for the meeting tomorrow at 8am PT, 11am ET, 3pm UTC, 5pm CEST.


       Update from ELN

       New poll time results

       Continue on Etherpad – G4: “How” (Team Discussion)


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Let me know if you have any additional proposed topics.







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