Re: Introductions and first contribution

Kate Stewart

Hi Roberto!

On Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 1:10 PM, Roberto Di Cosmo <roberto@...> wrote:
Dear Shane,
     thanks for the warm welcome, we are very excited to collaborate with
OpenChain, and we are also engaged in fostering adoption of good practices
developed by many on this list into other areas, like scientific research.

For example, we convinced the national french scientific open access portal,
HAL (see e.g., to adopt the official SPDX licence list in the
software deposit service that will be generalised to all of France this fall:
researchers that deposit software will be able to choose the licence(s) of
their deposit in a drop down list build out of the SPDX reference list,
and the deposited software will be archived into Software Heritage.

That's super cool - thank you!   ok for me to cross post this on the spdx
general list?    There others there that will find it intresting as well.


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