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Catharina Maracke

Hi Shane and Deb,

Many thanks for your kind offer to assist with the documents!! Could you be more precise about what you are proposing, because a first shot of merging the tooling slide decks has already been done, see

Very best and happy weekend!


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On 13. Jul 2018, at 10:37, Biswas, Debmalya <Debmalya.Biswas@...> wrote:

Hi Shane,

 I can volunteer to take a first shot at merging the Tooling slide decks. We are currently in the processing of deploying an Open Source scanning tool at PMI, and formulating the process around it; so this is very timely (

Once we have the consolidated tooling deck, we can decide if we want to merge it with the reference slide deck, or not.


On 7/13/18, 7:36 AM, "openchain-bounces@... on behalf of Shane Coughlan" <openchain-bounces@... on behalf of coughlan@...> wrote:

   Dear all

   We have a few tooling documents kicking around:


   More Tooling:

   Reference Processes:

   We also have two great sets of tooling slides:

   What would you think about merging these into a single document/slide-set?
   Perhaps more importantly, would anyone be willing to step forward and lend a hand? :)



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