Re: New document suggestion: OpenChain Conformance in Questions

Gary O'Neall

Hi Shane,

For the purpose of validating the questions (including localized versions of
the questions), I put together a script to automatically generate PDF's from
the conformance questionnaire:

The tool is limited in functionality (e.g., it will not format tables) so it
may not be sufficient for your purposes, but I thought I would bring this up
in case it is useful.

I've attached the generated output for reference.

BTW - I can automate the generation of the PDF files as well as run a
validation script on every checkin to the conformance-questionnairre if
someone with owner permissions for the openchain-conformance github account
can enable Travis-CI for the repository.


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Dear All

I put together a short document with the latest OpenChain Conformance
questions. My concept was a short, quick way for people to check and
discuss their conformance status offline. Any suggestions/comments?



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