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Michel, welcome to the team, and thank you for the input! Are you able to join the call on Monday?  Really constructive feedback that would be good to discuss.

BTW I should note that all participants are presumptively participating in an independent role and their comments are not ascribed to their company/orgs unless they indicate a preference otherwise.

When we get to a version 1.0 perhaps the materials at that time can be brought back to folks' respective companies for discussion on potential adoption.


On Jul 16, 2015, at 2:30 PM, RUFFIN, MICHEL (MICHEL) <michel.ruffin@...> wrote:

FYI, I am now authorized to contribute to OpenChain in the name of Alcatel-Lucent world wide (sorry it took a while to get all the authorizations). I will try to participate to a meeting soon, but can I have 10 minutes to say, what I think is not ok and what should be done forward


Mainly what I think is not ok is that the first level criteria are too strong, you need to have a smoother approach for companies which have not or have a weak governance process in place


Concerning additional criteria, I have a lot of ideas that we are setting in place in Alcatel-Lucent


My dis-confort with the actual criteria is that there is a mix between low level criteria and high level criteria. In term of steps to reach a good governance process.


A governance process should start low: identify people enroll the lawyers, making a basic governance process, ..

Then raising attention in the company, refining the model to address suppliers, customers, outsourcing, …

Measuring the implementation of the process, coping with divestiture, contribution to open sources, SaaS…


And in all the process the resources to sustain it must be made available so everything  cannot be done at once.


ALU has gone to all this stages and we are still evolving



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