Re: For Monday

Dave Marr

Jeremiah, Joseph, I'm just catching up on this thread, thanks for the responses.

Jeremiah, I read the materials at the link you provided re the FSF and SFC discussion with Canonical, which seemed to be about a different issue, to my read, but don't have all the background.  Can you clarify the connection between that recent FSF and SFC action relative to trademark?  


On Jul 18, 2015, at 8:29 PM, Jeremiah Foster <jeremiah.foster@...> wrote:

Also, here you can read about the Python Trademark dispute:

Meh. I prefer the recent discussion by FSF and the Free Software Conservancy:

The approach to trademark described there is similar to the Free Software process itself, liberal and generous. If people say they're using Open Chain's process and they're able to achieve compliance then that is the right outcome. Its highly unlikely that anyone careful enough to follow the process would violate knowingly the Open Chain trademark. 

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