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Matija Šuklje

On sreda, 10. oktober 2018 18:53:27 CEST Bhatt, Indira wrote:
Although, I think in the future we can do a checklist for both
since it applies to both sides. Thoughts?
The proposed strategy sounds great and we should definitely pursue

But I think it depends on the type of target on what and when they
want to start caring about the M&A. There is at least one group of
companies – lovingly sometimes referred to as: start up, cash in,
sell out (bro down) – whose main business plan is to be a target
of an M&A. Word on the street is that often in these cases,
companies try to look interesting to be a target, but once you
unwrap the shiny wrapper, there’s a lot of dirt to clean up. I
have seen even services promoting themselves to do the
sugarcoating and superficial clean-up to seem more appealing to be

In the long term, we might want to have a separate target group
for companies that are actively looking to become an M&A target.
If a target would be compliant with the OpenChain spec already
before acquirer asked them to be, they may both be a more
interesting target and also reduce the risk for the acquiring

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