Term "open source" updates to the conformance app and questionnaire

Gary O'Neall

Greetings OpenChain team,


Based on our decision to standardize on the term “open source”, we will need to update the conformance questionnaire and web application to replace each incident of “FOSS” or “Free Software” or “Free and

Open Source Software” or “Open Source” (capitalized) by “open source”.


I have opened 2 issues in Github – one for the questionnaire (https://github.com/OpenChain-Project/conformance-questionnaire/issues/9) and one for the web application (https://github.com/OpenChain-Project/Online-Self-Certification-Web-App/issues/33). 


I am working with some UI developers on internationalizing the web application, so we will assign that work to the developers updating the UI.  That being said, reviews on the changes to make sure we didn’t miss anything would be appreciated.  I would expect the code to be committed sometime in the next 4 weeks.


For the questionnaire, contributions are most welcome.  A pull request which updates the questionnaire JSON file (https://github.com/OpenChain-Project/conformance-questionnaire/blob/master/questionnaire.json) would be an ideal method of contribution updates.




Gary O'Neall

Principal Consultant

Source Auditor Inc.

Mobile: 408.805.0586

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