Re: OpenChain Specification 2.0 - Request for Translation - Chinese


Hi, shane,

I will continue to work on that.

Please send me the Doc template for translation


BTW: please highlight the updated section compared with 1.2.

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Dear OpenChain Community

The OpenChain Specification 2.0 is now in its final draft form. We have begun to receive requests for translation. While it is not yet requested, it would be fantastic to have a reference translation in Chinese to share with Baidu, Huawei, JD, Tencent and other companies.

Formally speaking, the Specification will be released in mid-April. However, little is expected to change between now and then…and a translation would help dozens of companies review the document before it is completely locked down. The current draft can be found here:

Can anyone assist? If so, I will ask Mark Gisi to provide a Doc format.



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General Manager, OpenChain
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