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Yep, I agree with Haksung,


Providing some recommend tools (both commercial and open source ) will help company a lot.



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I have not seen the 10-chapter version yet, but understanding tooling is an important part of open source compliance training. So I think it's better to have one unified version of the training slide.

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2019. 4. 18. 오후 5:01 Shane Coughlan () :

Dear all
Quick question:
We have two versions of the OpenChain Reference Training Slides. One has eight chapters and covers most aspects of open source compliance up to developer guidelines. The other has 10 chapters and it includes a tooling overview+tooling use case explanation.
As we head into Specification 2.0 release….big question:
(1) should we keep distributing two sets of slides, one small, one slightly bigger
(2) or should we standardize on having only the 10 chapter full set?

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