Siemens unified tooling

Jim Hutchison



Siemens tooling sounds very exciting, good tools are a boon to moving forward quickly!


Considering “relevant” use cases is such a great opportunity to benefit from embracing the diverse use cases solved across the many companies contributing to OpenChain.  Good tools give us a conversation to share, whether expressed in SPDX, SPDX-light, or some other data exchange language.




Jim Hutchison


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Subject: [EXT] [OpenChain] Reminder: OpenChain Third Monday call today at 5pm Pacific


Dear all


This is a reminder that our third Monday call will take place at 5pm Pacific. We will be covering the latest news around the project, a preview of a forthcoming discussion from Siemens about unified tooling, and having a look at the roll out of version 2 of our specification. 


Join the call:


Optional US dial in number: 855-889-3011 

No PIN needed


If you need to use an international phone number please check: for country numbers.


1. Dial the country number based on your location.

2. Enter 855 889 3011 and then # to enter the room.





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