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Hi Jim!

I agree! I believe we are moving towards a situation that can transform the supply chain. The OpenChain standard provides context. Unified reference tooling will enable implementation of automation at key process points.

I’ve attached the Siemens slides to this mail. Oliver’s presentation on the first Monday of June (June 3rd) at 9am Pacific will be one of our “must see” events. I will be recording it for people who cannot make the call.



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Siemens tooling sounds very exciting, good tools are a boon to moving forward quickly!

Considering “relevant” use cases is such a great opportunity to benefit from embracing the diverse use cases solved across the many companies contributing to OpenChain. Good tools give us a conversation to share, whether expressed in SPDX, SPDX-light, or some other data exchange language.


Jim Hutchison

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Dear all

This is a reminder that our third Monday call will take place at 5pm Pacific. We will be covering the latest news around the project, a preview of a forthcoming discussion from Siemens about unified tooling, and having a look at the roll out of version 2 of our specification.

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