Re: OSADL demo for consideration of certification prototype -- OpenChain agenda 12/7

Jim Hutchison

Hi Michel,

These are helpful observations, as we are looking for a solution folks would want to use productively.
In considering OpenChain, we should be able to steer clear of contract/agreement terms. This will be good to keep an eye on as we proceed in formulating the certification questions.

The group discussion appears to be trending towards using such an on-line mechanism, and with text crafted from the OpenChain text. Ideally we will make the questions flexible to many business processes, while retaining inquiry to illuminate adherence to the core concerns.


Jim Hutchison
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At 02:04 AM 12/10/2015, RUFFIN, MICHEL (MICHEL) wrote:
Jim, I look at the questionnaire
1) the question are not formulated very clearly and are not always applying to Alcatel-Lucent, because we use different solutions that the one represented in the questionnaire
2) the questionnaire is asking to link documents on our process. We consider our process as a competitive advantage and cannot disclose the details like this and second there is confidential information in it on the way we interprete licenses, the deal we have with some foss suppliers to interprete their license differently or on our patent, so I cannot link documents

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Objet : OSADL demo for consideration of certification prototype -- [OpenChain] OpenChain agenda 12/7

Hi Michel,

In our last OpenChain meeting, OSADL shared this prototype with the working group. You might find it interesting, as a representation of current thinking of how we might collect certification data.
User name: openchain
Password: buE93oaCw

If you don't submit at the end, Till assured us they would receive no data. Also they would not be worried by test/hypothetical data you might enter in trying out their prototype.


Jim Hutchison

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