OpenChain @ OpenInfra Nordic

Shane Coughlan <coughlan@...>

From: "Martin von Willebrand" <martin.vonwillebrand@...>

We had a good panel at OpenInfra Nordics, where:
- Amanda introduced the concept of trustable (software) and discussed the different approaches/angles needed for making software trustable
- Bjorn discussed issues in requiring non open, non free standards and how that undermines the ability to ~trust software
- Andrew discussed improving quality in the open source compliance process, introduced OpenChain, the quality improvement standard
- I discussed the open tooling aspect and introduced the Open Tooling Group, and the Double Open project in the context of what Open Tooling Group aims to achieve.

We had discussion from the audience and the panel, and needed to cut short due to time limits. Discussion was around open source compliance mostly, but it was quite general. Likely due to most of the audience not being so well versed in the compliance subject.

Some side discussions after our presentation went a bit deeper, but remained quite general.

This was good outreach, we had a bit more than 30 participants, but content-wise not really much substantive feedback.


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