Re: [oss-based-compliance-tooling] OpenChain Korea Work Group Launches Tooling Sub-Group

Oliver Fendt

Hi Shane,

Great news that there is now a Korean Tooling Sub-Group, too.
I would love to sync with the fellows of the Korean Tooling Sub-Group, about the objectives and to align the efforts. Whom can I contact?

Have a nice day

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OpenChain Korea Work Group Launches Tooling Sub-Group

Open source tooling for open source compliance is a hot topic in our field. There are some excellent initiatives to support the development of such solutions, ranging from individual projects like FOSSology or sw360 through to funding umbrella initiatives like ACT. The boarder OpenChain community has opened discussions in the English and Japanese language about how reference toolchains could be made available. Starting today we are delighted to announce that a dedicated Korean mailing list has also been created. All welcome!;;sdata=%2FaNek6%2FcJzzJeGArM2wAbujWUaAC%2F4nDOgda0cTwHOc%3D&amp;reserved=0



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