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Dave Marr

Shane, by all rights you should be asleep in Japan at the time we have the Monday call but if you're not on the bridge we will also try to cover your thoughtfully suggested edits to the landing page (and content elements).


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Hi Jilayne

= Vision and Mission =

The current versions of the Vision and Mission statement are a little lengthy and potentially challenging for new entrants to parse ( I have a suggested re-mix based on the criteria here:

Our vision is an industry where suppliers have trusted processes to create and share effective Open Source compliance information

Our mission is to describe what processes required to create and share Open Source compliance information between companies by providing open, collaboratively developed guidelines.

= Improved clarity for the landing page =

Regarding the wording for the Etherpad landing page, perhaps adjusted language such as the following would help with on-boarding:

You can review and contribute to our Working Specification draft at any time. This is where suggestions, comments and corrections should be noted to ensure they can be reviewed and considered by all our collaborators:

You can review our initial Specification Draft, now frozen and called the Compliance Reference Model, to understand our starting point and how our thinking has evolved over time:



On Mar 3, 2016, at 8:16 AM, J Lovejoy <opensource@...> wrote:

Hi All,

I was looking at our landing page and think it is not going to really draw people in who are looking at it for the first time. Given that some (hopefully many!) of us may soon be going to budget-minded folks to want to know what we want to spend money to join this organization and those people may want to have a look for themselves, might I suggest that we return to the mission/vision conversation we started sometime ago - the fruits of which can be seen at the top of first Etherpad here:

Also, the next thing one read on our landing page is as follows:

Etherpad Link

(where our realtime collaboration takes place)

Working Specification draft:

Previous versions: Compliance Reference Model - OpenChain spec 2015-10-06

I must say - that is confusing even to me! My first thought is - what the heck is a “working specification draft” versus a “compliance reference model” - this needs to be explained, otherwise it may end up looking schizophrenic, especially to a newcomer.


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