Re: OpenChain - It is time for our Wiki to die

Norio Kobota

Hi Shane,

Thank you for the announcement.

About the followings:
(2) We complete migration on the 18th (in time for JP Meeting #13)
I think there are not enough time to complete.

There are two ways to create Websites on github.

1. user/organization site
This is represented by <accountName> like .
1GB of space is available for each workgroup.
If we select this, we need to get an account and to create a repository for each workgroup.
And administrators of OpenChain-Project repository (Shane and board members?) have to
Manage the links to the repositories for each workgroup.

2. project site
This is represented by <accountName><project-repository> like .
Easy to move from wiki, I think.
If the material on each project page gets large, there may not be enough space to save it.

Which is convenient for us?
And Github Pages are different format from wikis, we should to re-format each document, I think.

For more details, refer to following site:


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Subject: [openchain] OpenChain - It is time for our Wiki to die

Dear all

We are constantly having issues with our OpenChain wiki. The most prevalent is
permissions programs but during the last 12 months we have also had
configuration failures and so on. While LF Technical have been pretty good at
helping on a case-by-case basis, with our expanding eco-system and our
growing active contributors, we need a better solution.

Here is my plan:
(1) I will move our wiki content to our Github
(2) We use Github for further editing
(3) We mothball the old wiki

Here is my suggested schedule:
(1) We begin migration this week
(2) We complete migration on the 18th (in time for JP Meeting #13)

Work for you?


Shane Coughlan
General Manager, OpenChain
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p: +81 (0) 80 4035 8083

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