OpenChain Education Work Group Kickoff

Balakrishna Mukundaraj

Dear All,


Good day, I would like to inform all the subscribers and volunteers that OpenChain education subgroup is live now.


The discussion to bring this group to action was decided during regular Monday calls of openchain project.


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The core agenda of this group to use trainings available from Linux foundation Courses + Curriculum of Openchain project and adapt those to bring up a openchain compliant OSS trainings for all possible roles.


This would also help us all in providing universal training and overview across the corporations on OSS topics.


Summary of previous discussions on Monday calls regarding the education:

·        Explore possibilities of mapping the training for individual role perspectives (Topics relevant to: Sales, purchase, developers, management, etc.., respectively)

·        These training contents shall be later shared with LFC coordinators for adaptation of the content in currently available web courses offered by LF

·        Later the web-trainings can be purchased from LF and hosted in interested company platforms for the company employees training fulfillment process.


Next course of action: can we all decide on a timeline for a first virtual discussion, on points of interest and how we split the training contribution activities?


Please share your comments.


Thank you.


Best regards,

Mukundaraj Balakrishna
Robert Bosch Engineering and Business solutions

Tel. +91 80 6657-5938

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