Re: OpenChain Supplier Education Leaflet - German Draft underway

Satoru Ueda


We, Japan Work group team members who originally prepared the material are so glad to hear the new translation added!

Best regards,
S. Ueda
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Subject: [openchain] OpenChain Supplier Education Leaflet - German Draft

Stefan from Fiducia & GAD IT announced yesterday that work is well advanced
on a German translation of our Supplier Education Leaflet. Originally created by
a sub-group of the OpenChain Japan Work Group, the supplier education
leaflet is available in Japanese, English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, as
well as in Vietnamese as a draft.

See Stefan’s full announcement and call for support below.


As discussed yesterday in Nuremberg during our kick-off meeting of the
German OpenChain Working Group, I would like to reach out for support
regarding finalisation of a translation of the Open Chain Supplier Leaflet into

You can see the current state-of-work at

The layout is not yet as complete as in the original - I would like to finalise the
design after having sorted out the final German text. Thus, in a first round,
quality checking of the text would be a good point to start :-)

My ‚request-for-contribution‘ to you, if you currently want to / can support:
Could you please compare the current German translation draft to the English
version at
and provide corrections and suggestions for improvement? Please feel free to
direct any comments to my address Stefan.thanheiser@....

(Should any of you want to go deeper: I ported the document from the
proprietary Adobe format I found at Github (sorry, if there should have been any
other format there -maybe I did not dig deep enough into the directory
structure) to a format of the open source tool Scribus - why not use OSS tools
when writing about OSS? ;-).
The "scribus source file" for the PDF can be found at
and can be edited using Scribus v1.5.5.)

Thank you in advance for your support and best regards,

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