Re: [governing] [openchain] OpenChain @ Linux Foundation Member Summit – 10~12 March 2020

Samantha Elliott (samellio)

Hi Shane,

This sounds perfect.  I will come up from San Jose after our Supply Chain Open Source Conference and see everyone in Lake Tahoe.


See you in March!



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Hi Samantha. Very cool! I send a direct message with your governing board code.


All, let’s do this OpenChain dinner, our regular Governing Board dinner but others are welcome too. I had been thinking Monday night but Tuesday also sounds good. What do you think?



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Hello Shane,

It is confirmed that I will be dialing in by phone on the 9th and present on the 10th, 11th.


Do you have the access code I need to use to Register?  I was attempting to register, given our membership level and did not know how to navigate the system.


Maybe some of us can do an ad hoc dinner on Tuesday night, since I will be arriving fairly late on Monday.


I look forward to meeting you in person!



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The OpenChain Project will have a substantial presence at the forthcoming Linux Foundation Member Summit held during the 10th to 12th March 2020 in Lake Tahoe.

Framing OpenChain as an ISO standard

The Road to Conformance: Panel with Arm, Comcast, Google and Uber

Some Cool Talks by Community and Friends

·        And many many more…

See The Full Schedule


In Other News

The OpenChain Project will host a board meeting on the 9th of March, the day immediately before the Linux Foundation Member Summit. Adjacent to this we may hold a Steering Committee meeting. We have no voting item at this time but it could provide a space for a walk-through of the forthcoming ISO standard. If you have an interest in this being scheduled for 3pm on the 9th please let me know.



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