OpenChain Webinar #2: OpenChain in China (Maggie) and OpenChain at Facebook (Michael) – Coming April 20th


OpenChain Webinar #2 coming Monday 20th of April at 5pm Pacific, 8am Tuesday in Beijing + Taipei, and 9am Tuesday in Seoul + Tokyo. We have guest speakers on two topics: OpenChain in China + OpenChain at Facebook.

Maggie Wang will speak about OpenChain in China. Maggie’s background ranges from working as an in-house at Huawei to acting as the China representative for Ladas and Parry. Her unique experience in-house and as outside counsel positions her perfectly to help contextualize where we are with regards compliance, standardization and business reality in one of our most important markets.

Michael Cheng will speak about OpenChain at Facebook, a topic that ranges from adoption activity and broader leadership in the compliance space by the company. His perspective will provide added value given the simultaneous decision by Facebook, Google and Uber to join OpenChain as Platinum Members in late 2018, and plenty of runway for our audience to ask questions about real-life lessons learned.

Everyone is invited to this free event:

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