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Joseph Potvin

David, I'm not sure of by "lead an overview discussion" you mean that someone would give a 5-min intro presentation.

If suitable I can explain the rationale for my recommendation to situate the OpenChain initiative as a sector-specific application (potentially with sector-specific extensions) of the emerging generic ISO 19600 guideline/standard on compliance management systems.

As I've not myself been involved in the development process of ISO 19600, possibly the most efficient use of limited time on a conf call if participants could, ahead of time, scan this 6-pg summary about its origins:
Author: Dick Hortensius, +31 15 2 690 115, e-mail: dick.hortensius@...

I think the practical suggestion I'll bring forward for discussion during the call is that the OpenChain community identify and resource formal liaison with the ISO's Project Committee (PC) that is working on development of ISO 19600, identified as ISO/PC 271 Compliance management systems.

The ISO work is carried out via Technical Committees (TC), Subcommittees (SC) and Project Committees (PC). If the 19600 framework seems relevant to the team, a connection with the "training materials" part of the conf call is this ANSI 2013 Refresher Counse on "Changes to the ISO Directives":

And as mentioned earler, we've started maintaining links to useful learning resources on the topic of compliance management within the FLOW Syllabus (and any additional top recommendations to this collection will be most welcome):

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On Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 11:22 PM, Marr, David <dmarr@...> wrote:

Hi, our next meeting is on Tuesday 9/16 at 8am PT, 11am ET, 3pm UTC, 5pm CEST.


In our last meeting we discussed that training materials would be on the agenda for the next meeting.  Additionally, may I suggest the topic of acceptance criteria.  Yixiong from Qualcomm Technologies has offered to join the call and provide a suggestion on how OpenChain might consider handling acceptance criteria and ways to create consistency.


Based on a review of the discussion on the OpenChain email alias, and adding those discussion topics to the above candidate agenda topics we have:


·         Training materials

·         Acceptance criteria and automation

·         Quality Standards (and how that connects to the process that generates content such as SPDX)

·         SPDX (probably good to discuss where SPDX ends and OpenChain begins)

·         ISO 19600

·         IPC 2570


Any additional proposed topics?  For the first two topics, we already have prepared materials.  For the third topic derived from the alias discussion, I hope to also cover in order to open the dialogue on quality standards as well as achievable goals. 


For the other topics (last three bullets) and any additional ones to be proposed, would much welcome a volunteer to lead an overview discussion. 


Kelly cc’d has offered to manage an ongoing list of agenda topics for us, and will also be helping with the roll call at the start.  If you have an agenda topic with materials that you would like to present during the call, please feel free to send those either to the alias or directly to Kelly, who will be helping us organize our topic pipeline.  She is also on the openchain@... alias.




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