Update on our call calendars - Issue reported and suggested solution


Hello all

Last week we asked about whether the new groups.io calendar reminders are working out for you. We got a groovy survey response. 6 replies. 3 saying everything works fine. 1 said the timing on the invite was one hour out. 2 said they got the emails but the calendar invite (or auto loading to calendar in the invite) did not work.

It seems that:
(1) For most people an initial invitation worked fine
(2) However, Groups.io “reminders” do not include an additional calendar invite 
(3) And for one person there was another issue with timing

Suggestion solution:

Each time a new event is added to the OpenChain calendar, an invitation email with an attached ICS file goes out. If this is seem by you or automatically picked up by your email client, the event is added to your calendar. The reminders one day before and at the time of the event do not contain an additional calendar invite, but do include dial-in information.

Main solution: I will work to ensure the initial invitations are clearer.

Secondary solution in case you are worried about currently unlisted events:
Groups.io invites are tagged: #cal-invite
If you are worried about having missed an invite, search via #cal-invite + attachments and they will all appear.



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