[spdx] Funding for Hosting On-Line SPDX Tools


For those with an interest in tooling and SPDX :)

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From: "Phil Odence" <phil.odence@...>
Subject: [spdx] Funding for Hosting On-Line SPDX Tools
Date: July 29, 2020 3:18:03 JST
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The SPDX Work Group needs your help to host on-line tools.
As you may know, SPDX runs on shoestring with support from the Linux Foundation but no corporate contributions. There are benefits to the independence this arrangement, but it means we rely on individual contributions to cover modest expenses we do take on. One of those regular expenses is for cloud services to host our wonderful set of on-line tools.
We spend $1200/year on hosting. We’d like to line up enough funding to backfill for this year and to build a balance of “money in the bank” to ensure continuity next year. So the goal is $2400 total. As of this writing we are approaching half way there. 
Please make a contribution of any size through the Linux Foundation CommunityBridge at:
BIG THANKS in advance!
L. Philip Odence
General Manager, Black Duck Audit Business
Synopsys Software Integrity Group, Burlington, MA
M (781) 258-9502 | phil.odence@...
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