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Manbeck, Jack

I would contact the repo owner for clarification. In situations like this, that is what we normally do.


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Jack Manbeck

Texas Instruments


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Dear Joel,


My take in this case is that the specific licensing in the file trumps the overarching license for the project. I wonder if there is any contrarian views. Certainly they should have explained better what their intention was.


Actually I see they use GPL 2+, which is incidentally somewhat aligned, meaning that you can treat the software equally as 2+ or 3+. So perhaps the intention is to prefer the latter, but allow for the earlier version.








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Hello everyone.


We are considering using in some product. The files are patches for Linux Kernel. But the license of this project seems a bit confusing. As stated in the README, the license is GPLv3+. GPLv3+ is not compatible with GPLv2 which means these patches should not be applied to Linux Kernel. But if you open the patches, you will find GPLv2 notice in there instead of GPLv3+. So can we just simply treat this project as a GPLv2’ed one? Thanks.


Joel Cao


Open Source Program Office | OPPO








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