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Absolutely! How should we start? Shared document?

On Nov 19, 2020, at 19:44, Stefan Thanheiser <stefan.thanheiser@...> wrote:

Absolutely wonderful!
Restospectively a not-so-small step for the project - but a much larger step for the OSS compliance community!

And maybe there's more on the road ahead.
Do you think there would be an audience for the project giving some guidance on applying "our" new ISO standard in addition to the ISO 19770 (the standard for IT asset management - and thus also for Software Asset Management)?


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<graycol.gif>"Shane Coughlan" ---19.11.2020 10:12:06---OpenChain is now listed in the ISO database as: ISO/IEC PRF 5230

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OpenChain is now listed in the ISO database as:

PRF means Proof of a new International Standard, and the next step is IS (International Standard).

In other words, everything is done on their end, and hitting publish is all that remains.

Watch this space.

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