Re: [education] OpenChain Education Work Group – Third Monday November 2020 – Full Recording

Balakrishna Mukundaraj

Hello Team,

In continuation to our previous discussion.

I would like to highlight some key take away points.

1. As Shane mentioned, we are getting some of the LF training content with CC0 license, we can use it to combine with openchain training reference, which will help us in upcoming web based training.

2. We can develop/enhance our training content in regular text/doc format. Since we can directly copy paste the text/content on to edx platform.

3. All the images/charts/videos have to be explicitly uploaded on to Edx platform server. And then import to the web-based training content. Hence we should address the images with easily identifiable names.

4. We have options to specify the rules/policies for grading or final certification exam of these courses. So in the end we probably have to discuss a little on the topic.

Finally, we get down to actual ground work. As discussed in previous call, we can start analyzing the existing Open chain training content. And if possible we request all participants to collect group or individual feedbacks on the existing content and share with the group.

Feedback expected are as below:
Whether they need additional enhancements (In terms of more detailed explanation.) and if the novel users would like to see more examples.

By next call, I will try to collect some feedback from at least 2 novel users (Experienced senior Software developers) and 2 Open source compliance practicing users including myself.

Best regards,

Mukundaraj Balakrishna

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The full recording of our recent Education Work Group meeting is now available. Big news this time around as we lock down collaboration with LF Training to make a free online course (we get their stuff as CC-0!), how we will work, and our target release dates.;;sdata=XbWJ5uE6rH5%2FIXIiCCgO8UFhKYiSlMRpjif5Dhd2YwQ%3D&amp;reserved=0

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