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Good points all!

As discussed on our call and the minutes circulated, our first work product will be the slides. They should be ready around two months from now. 

Once we have the initial slide release completed we can move towards a written document to complement training. If we can produce that document on a similar schedule to the slides we will have the OpenChain on-boarding curriculum (slides/overview document) by October.

Later today I'll circulate a link so everyone can hop in and actively edit the slides at their own pace.



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I concur.

In $WORK we refer to them as “training slides” and “reference” – as in “check the reference documentation on the internal web” and “no, there is no point in only getting the slides, they have to be explained by a trainer anyway”.

So, yes, they serve different purpose.

Going to web-based training means producing something in-between.


-- zvr


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Dear Jilayne,

dear all,


The more I read through the documents and the more I think about it, the more I like to idea of having two different formats as suggested by Jilayne and I am wondering whether we should adopt this approach for the OpenChain Curriculum as well?


I would really like to have a short, clean, and easy to read text file, which can be translated and distributed without much further explanation and which would provide a sophisticated overview for people, who like to read something by themselves - most likely in addition to the presentation? I don’t think such a text file can or should replace the (probably) more detailed set of slides we are about to develop, but having two different formats sounds quite useful and elaborate.





> On May 28, 2016, at 12:56 AM, Jilayne Lovejoy <Jilayne.Lovejoy@...> wrote:


> Hi Shane and curriculum team,


> I am attaching additional materials contributed by ARM.  These are

> general training slides from 2 1-hour recorded sessions and a text

> document version of the slides used for general education about open

> source software.  They have been stripped of any corporate material

> and are formatted quite plainly (not many pictures, mostly text). They

> cover most of the topics listed in OpenChain requirement 1.2


> I tried to upload them directly, but need a login, hence attaching

> them here.


> The slides are in PowerPoint format, but the text file is open

> document (as I thought all would need to be in open format, before I

> read this email ;)  Happy to convert that to a different format if need be.


> Why two formats?  I found that 1) a video recording (or just slides)

> is not as easy to refer back to later, whereas posted text on a

> website with a linkable table of contents provides a quick and easy

> sustainable resource; and 2) some engineers seem to prefer reading

> than listening or watching.  Having explained that, format is

> something the curriculum team may want to think about - slides need a

> presenter, whereas reading materials do not. Of course, reading is not

> as trackable as attendance to a presentation - food for thought!


> Cheers,

> Jilayne



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>> Hi Dave


>> Thanks for confirming!


>> The list of people who have explicitly stepped forward to participate

>> in building out the curriculum so far is:

>> Dave Marr

>> Jilayne Lovejoy

>> Kate Stewart

>> Ramesh Jain

>> Shane Coughlan

>> Tom Arcidiacono

>> If anyone else is interested in contributing just message me or step

>> into our calls and drafting at any point.


>> All, the donated slides from Dave (Qualcomm) and Ibrahim (Samsung)

>> have been uploaded to OneDrive and can be edited by anyone without

>> any log-in via this URL:



>> kajmrhNWw&ithint=folder%2c


>> There are three files:

>> (1) Dave’s slides

>> (2) Ibrahim’s slide

>> (3) A placeholder document for the OpenChain Curriculum Core Open

>> Source Compliance slides


>> As per our last call, the Curriculum Work Team aims to:

>> (A) Review (1) and (2) to remove any corporate branding or extra

>> slides

>> (B) Combine them into (3)

>> (C) Before working on reducing the slide count to result in a

>> presentation that takes less than an hour.


>> We are going to aim to get the first rough cut ready in time for our

>> next call in the third week of June. The end result should support

>> the goals outlined here:


>> 05-16

>> -1.pdf

>> In particular, we want to help support Section 1.2, the 'Mandatory

>> FOSS training’ requirements. Ideally our slides would help people get

>> started in this area.


>> The process is simple. Just open the link, click a file, and select

>> “Edit in Browser” to get started. I am personally going to get

>> started on (A) later this week and would appreciate help to trim any

>> remaining corporate branding or slides which are unnecessary.


>> Of course we are still accepting submissions of additional material

>> so just reach out if you want to donate under CC-0.


>> Regards


>> Shane


>> NOTE #1: Why OneDrive and PowerPoint Online? The original slides were

>> in PowerPoint format. A search for online systems with easy import

>> and collaborative editing of these documents resulted in a shortlist

>> of Google Slides or PowerPoint Online. PowerPoint Online appears to

>> work in China while Google services are more challenging to access.

>> If anyone strongly wants us to use another system I am happy to discuss that too.


>> NOTE #2: Why a public link that anyone can access? Because we want to

>> encourage everyone to step in and lend a hand. Our goal, as per the

>> minutes from the last call, is to make a simple, clear set of slides

>> to support Open Source compliance in the context of OpenChain, and to

>> help “on-board” people into both compliance best practice and

>> deployment of OpenChain.


>>> On May 22, 2016, at 7:00 AM, Marr, David <dmarr@...> wrote:


>>> Shane please add me as a member of the curriculum work team.


>>> Thanks,

>>> Dave


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>>> Dear OpenChain project members


>>> Thank you to everyone who contributed to our last call and to many

>>> others who expressed interest in contributing to our curriculum work

>>> team.


>>> The specific proposals to launch the work team were:

>>> (1) We provide high level process management slides that can be

>>> adopted and expanded by any company seeking to undertake Open Source

>>> compliance;

>>> (2) We will create the first iteration of these slides in a three

>>> month

>>> (3 call) window, with most of the actual work happening offline;

>>> (3) We re-use existing material that is available (or can be made

>>> available) under a CC-0 license;

>>> (4) We keep things simple to make adoption, translation and

>>> understand as straightforward as possible.


>>> These proposals were accepted by the curriculum work team members

>>> present.


>>> What this means for the team is:

>>> (1) An initial version of the slides going online for editing next

>>> week;

>>> (2) The team working on the slides for the next month to prepare the

>>> first draft;

>>> (3) Review of the slides will take place on our second call to

>>> assess status and where we need to focus energy;

>>> (4) The subsequent month will apply focus to these points before

>>> resulting in our first deliverable for consideration in the third call.


>>> I will send an email next week with details of how we will

>>> collaborate online.


>>> Regards


>>> Shane

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