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Malcolm Bain

+1 as author for Spain. BY-SA for my chapter, if no editor copyright.






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I don't recall if we, as authors of individual chapters (need some updates), assigned our copyright to the publisher or else.


Personally I an Simone would be content with a cc-by of sort. I would be surprised if we stipulated anything more restrictive than by-sa.






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Oh! Interesting. Oversight. I’ll check with the other editors.


Hey Till, Ywein, which license should the book be under?

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Hi Shane,

great stuff - thanks for sharing.

Under which license can we use this material?
(Sorry to ask, but it seems as there's no statement on that on the repo...)


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"Shane Coughlan" ---10.12.2020 06:06:59---Greetings all Some years ago I was one of the editors of a law book covering open source country by


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Greetings all

Some years ago I was one of the editors of a law book covering open source country by country:

The book is now out of print but text files and all the other source material is right here:

I thought this might be useful. I just had a call today where I was asked about exactly this type of analysis.


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