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Matija Šuklje

Die 10. 12. 20 et hora 09:34 scripsisti:
And perhaps Matija has a few notes, as IIRC he was lead on the GitHub side
of things
I don’t have the physical book, but according to the following file, it seems
to me like it is under CC-BY-ND. It would be useful if Editors could confirm
or deny it. Honestly, we haven’t discussed that yet, when the conversion to
MarkDown was started, which in hind-sight might have been a good to do.



The IFOSS Law Book as a whole is published under a CC-BY-ND license. The
text can be freely copied and shared by any party under these
conditions. Physical copies may be purchased, but it is also available
at no cost in electronic form at our website.
This is also reflected on the back cover:

I could not find any copyright notice in it though, so I guess the authors
(and editors) still hold their respective rights.

That is, unfortunately, as much as I can help …apart from getting my act
together and working on cleaning up the MarkDown so it can be used to generate
PDFs and a website. Thanks for the gentle reminder ;)

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