OpenChain Online Training Course - We are getting close


Hey everyone! We have some great comments and suggestions for the first half of our course. Can you take a moment to run your eyes over what we have? The next step will be resolving comments and handing over to LF Training.!AsXJVqby5kpnkRE0rsGzo5lduvaq?e=AYuskf

This document is collecting the text from the OpenChain Curriculum Slides (it has chapters 1~4 already) and we are adding comments and ideas to refine the text.
When we are happy with this material, we will hand it to LF Training, and they will produce a free edX course for us.
Balakrishna is currently working adding chapters 5~8 for our review. Meanwhile, please look at the existing text and comments, and see if you can lend a hand!

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