Re: OpenChain Certification and Business Value

Mattran, Mary

To me, this is a strange answer.  My company is not OC compliant, but we certainly have been taking compliance seriously and have much in place to support that commitment in the form of compliance reviews.  So, we don't break the law.  OC Compliance is not a law.  It is a standard for having a robust compliance program.  If you already have ways of ensuring you are not violating licenses/law, the question is "what value does it have for me to go the extra mile to become OC compliant?"  An important question for companies to answer.  

My company supplies automotive subsystems to auto manufacturers.  The auto manufacturers are starting to ask about our plans to be OC compliant.  It is a business-to-business question, and easier for us to answer.  If I am a customer looking for COTS, I am likely not going to ask if the SW is OC Compliant, so it may have no business value to that vendor to take the extra steps to OC compliance.

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