Re: OpenChain Online Training Course - We are getting close

Balakrishna Mukundaraj

Hello Team,

We now have all the 8 OSS basics and compliance related topics from OpenChain reference curriculum.

Also, we have only copy pasted the slides content on to word document directly without any modifications. But some of the slides (Not all) have some good elaborate explanations in the slide notes sections, which are yet to be incorporated on into the document.

Please do check and let us know or make changes on your own (with track changes), where we can add or replace the slide content with their explanations from slide notes.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Mukundaraj Balakrishna

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Hey everyone! We have some great comments and suggestions for the first half of our course. Can you take a moment to run your eyes over what we have? The next step will be resolving comments and handing over to LF Training.!AsXJVqby5kpnkRE0rsGzo5lduvaq%3Fe%3DAYuskf&amp;;sdata=0evQq6%2Blj9Yo4knTbi8JvOlOaQO5laZ807ZxCzeOz0Q%3D&amp;reserved=0

This document is collecting the text from the OpenChain Curriculum Slides (it has chapters 1~4 already) and we are adding comments and ideas to refine the text.
When we are happy with this material, we will hand it to LF Training, and they will produce a free edX course for us.
Balakrishna is currently working adding chapters 5~8 for our review. Meanwhile, please look at the existing text and comments, and see if you can lend a hand!

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