OpenChain Mini-Summit, March 10th

Jennifer McGinnis <jmcginnis@...>

OpenChain Mini-Summit is coming soon!

Date & Times:
March 10th 7 am PST  / 3 pm UTC /  3 pm GMT / 4 pm CET / 8:30 pm IST / 11 pm Taiwan / 11 pm CST  /
12 am (March 11th) KST / 12 am (March 11th) JST
First Hour: Specification editing with focus on optional security extension to ISO 5230. This will take the form of an explanatory document illustrating OpenChain usage in this context.
Second Hour: Education editing with focus on finalizing submission for LF training to turn into the OpenChain online course.
Third Hour: Automation review, to provide a summary of the experience and knowledge gained from the OpenChain reference tooling work group, and to identity the “pain points” for interoperability between open source tooling for open source compliance.
Event will be held on Zoom:
Meeting ID: 999 012 0120 Password: 123456

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