Re: comments on OpenChain Compliance 2016-H1 Specification

J Lovejoy

I think we decided on the call today to use "conformance" and "conforms to" in the spec so the FAQs will need to also be updated to reflect that change. 

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On Jun 20, 2016, at 7:11 PM, Karen Sandler <karen@...> wrote:

On 2016-06-20 19:03, Mike Linksvayer wrote:
+1 to all of Karen's comments.
I've been finding the double usage of compliance in this context
confusing, both for people I'm talking to, and for me -- I'm not
confident they get it. Conformance seems like the right word for
OpenChain, but not only to remove double
[3] explains why ISO 9000 uses "conformity" rather than "compliance"
(but not why "conformity" rather than "conformance"; latter seems
adequate to me). Final paragraph:
_Conformity_ can be viewed as internally driven, such as our
voluntary, consensus-based standards. _Compliance_ can be viewed as
externally imposed. So, we should use _conformity_, not conformance or
compliance, when referring to fulfilling product and process
requirements. Of course, if customers impose conformity to ISO 9001,
your organization may feel like it has to _comply_ rather
than _conform_.
Conform[ance] seems right for OpenChain, compliance for open source licenses.

Reviewing the FAQ, I think it all looks even more confusing with the double meaning of the term compliance. For example:

"Does all software in an organization need to be covered by an OpenChain Compliance program to achieve program compliance?"


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