ACTION REQUIRED: Please remove old calendar invitations and add the OpenChain global calendar


IMPORTANT: OpenChain Global Calendar - Please Subscribe

Since we launched the global calendar for March it has proven to be an exceptionally useful tool. However, some of our community members still have old event invitations lingering in their calendars. Please delete them. With timezone changes for summer time and so on, those invitations are no longer accurate. 

Instead, it is *highly* recommended to take a moment to add the global calendar. It will allow you to track all our events and to join any event at your discretion without registration or additional searching. The global calendar removes all the confusion of calendar invites.

The OpenChain Global Calendar is one click to join from this page:
Click “+ Google Calendar” to add this calendar to your computer/phone/tablet.

You can also access this calendar through this link:

And it is in iCal format here:

As you can see from the attached image, we have an incredibly busy schedule this month alone, providing support across all aspects of using ISO 5230 in all geographies. Times displayed in UTC for our global audience in this image.

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