Re: [education] Our next Bi-Weekly Webinar will be replaced by a special Education Work Team activity

Martin Yagi

Dear Shane, all,

I wont be able to join the call, so I thought I'd give some comments in the hope that they are useful.

It's not clear if the purpose of the training is for
a) people implementing a OSS compliance policy/process/programme (or educating higher management on the principles of why/how to do it).
b) participants of an OSS compliance programme.
c) both a and b

I would recommend at this stage aiming for having different training courses for (a) and (b). The good news is that chapters 1-3 work as an introduction for both. Whilst the remaining chapters include good content, I personally don't think they address either purpose well enough without some focussed re-work.

It may not even be possible to sufficiently address (b) in a generic enough policy/process/terminology is different enough in details that I would need to have my own versions of the content anyway, or ask programme participants to do 2 courses (that's not going to happen!).

It may be that I'm an outlier in my thinking, but it may be worth poling to see who thinks they will roll out said course, if implemented as per current direction, to their organisation.

I'm happy to chat about this in more detail.

Best regards,

Martin Yagi
Intellectual Property Manager|

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Balakrishna, (CC), is going to walk the education team through a special review for our new LF Training online course. We need a little group work to push it over the line for release:

The call takes place at 06:00 UTC 2021-05-04. Please do attend if you can spare some time to help us finish this critical piece of community infrastructure.




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