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Dave, Mark, everyone

Please accept my apologies for our unexpected and unwanted disruption via Zoom. A passcode-using and authenticated account adding white noise to the event as it entered the third hour was obviously not a desired outcome. I will be working with LF Technical to discuss strategies for ensuring we still have open access but have a more effective method for removing troublemakers.

Mark, thanks for hosting the second section of the security discussion on your Zoom! Super kudos. And, naturally, thanks to Jenni for helping to transition everyone over.



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´╗┐Mark was able to disable the passcode, and if the summit gets Zoom bombed again he will be able to remove them.


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Can someone please post the new zoom link and passcode?

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Reminder: we are just doing the first three chapters for the first release. Document here. What do we need to change before going live?

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