Re: Direct or indirect supplier?

Dirk Riehle

On 01.07.21 13:35, Carlo Piana wrote:

I guess a German Lawyer should reply.
In general terms, as I have been pondering it on other accounts, I would suggest that making FOSS generally available does not qualify as a supplier relationship. One needs to have a development agreement or a support agreement for that. This could also include developing FOSS to be given at large.
It is also my guess that you need an explicit supply contract to establish the supplier relationship formally.

If you do it within a holding company (inner source) that formal relationship is established automatically, even if you don't put something down in writing. In open source, this is not the case AFAIK.

Morally, and the thrust of the law is a moral one, in-kind compensation or just the dependency still might create public backlash.

Cheers, Dirk

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