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Hi Gary and everyone,

Thanks for the use case documents -- I'll review. 

As for implementation, I'd like to propose that I be a test case or "persona" to test the implementation on. For example, one would go through the web site as if they were trying to certify a company for Open Chain compliance and test the material and procedure for any omissions or assumptions made. Doing this sort of real world testing can help improve the process I feel. I'm happy to also volunteer a few hours to do this.



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Greetings all,


As a follow up to our last OpenChain call, I put together a starting point for use cases for a form based OpenChain certification process.


The use case documents are on Google Docs – anyone with this link can edit the document:


If you could use suggestion mode so that we can track the changes.  I did the use cases pretty quickly, so I’m sure I missed some use cases, steps and dependencies.


In terms of a plan for implementation, in the priority I am suggesting a very minimal implementation which does not require authentication and tracking of the users.  I’m not sure this minimal set will be sufficient for the first release.  It may be good to discuss in an upcoming call what we think the minimum website should be.


As I mentioned on the call, I am willing to volunteer a few hours a week to help with the implementation.  Depending how many use cases we plan to implement, I would expect we will need some web development resources in addition to myself to complete this on schedule.  If there are resources from the Linux Foundation or additional volunteers, please let me know and I’ll coordinate with them.






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