We have another Chinese translation assistance on our GitHub - any extra thoughts welcome!


PeterDaveHello: "I just found that Pre-Release version of Traditional Chinese Supplier Education Pack on https://www.openchainproject.org/supplier-education-pack, which is very useful, but some terms at page 2, 40, 48, 54, 77, 80 & 81 of openchain-curriculum-for-2-0-zh-Hant.pptx, seem to be the usage of Simplified Chinese, not Traditional Chinese, "專案" would be more suitable than "項目" here.:

However, it's a Microsoft PowerPoint "pptx" file inside a zip file, doesn't seem to be easy to send a pull request for it with a reviewable diff comparison, how should I suggest or help the translation? Is there any data source that I can send a pull request to?"


My reply so far:

If you edit the PPTX file and submit it as a pull request, we can do community review and merge. It would be fantastic to have your contribution.

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