Re: [taiwan-wg] We have another Chinese translation assistance on our GitHub - any extra thoughts welcome!

Lucien C.H. Lin - 林誠夏

Dear Shane,

I believe that has the "OpenChain Project" translated as "OpenChain項目" instead of the "OpenChain專案" suggested by PeterDaveHello is made by me, it is originally submitted for the Traditional Chinese version, not cited from the Simplified Chinese version in any way. Actually, back in the old days the first draft of the Simplified Chinese version was made by me as well, based on the Traditional one for the 1.1 spec. However, taking the "OpenChain專案" to replace the translation of the old one seems expressing better nowadays. If PeterDaveHello would like to submit his suggestion in pptx or in odp format to you or to the community, I would be very much glad to have it proofread again to get us an updated revision.

All the best and wish you a productive outcome at the COSCUP 2021 tomorrow!


20210730 UTC+8 18:15 Lucien

Shane Coughlan <scoughlan@...> 於 2021年7月30日 週五 下午5:46寫道:

PeterDaveHello: "I just found that Pre-Release version of Traditional Chinese Supplier Education Pack on, which is very useful, but some terms at page 2, 40, 48, 54, 77, 80 & 81 of openchain-curriculum-for-2-0-zh-Hant.pptx, seem to be the usage of Simplified Chinese, not Traditional Chinese, "專案" would be more suitable than "項目" here.:

However, it's a Microsoft PowerPoint "pptx" file inside a zip file, doesn't seem to be easy to send a pull request for it with a reviewable diff comparison, how should I suggest or help the translation? Is there any data source that I can send a pull request to?"

My reply so far:

If you edit the PPTX file and submit it as a pull request, we can do community review and merge. It would be fantastic to have your contribution.

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