Re: FYI: FOSSology training at LinuxCon NA on August 25

Kate Stewart

Hi Matija,

On Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 11:44 AM, Matija Šuklje <matija@...> wrote:
Die 09. 08. 16 et hora 20.11.22 Jilayne Lovejoy scripsit:
> Perhaps LinuxCon Europe, by any chance… ??  :)


There’s this:

And from what I saw on the registration page there will also be the following
training, but unfortunately for a 100 US$ fee:

We're piloting it in North America, so its free there.  ;-)

The FOSSology project doesn't have any funding associated with
it though, so we're looking to charge the fee to recover costs 
(room, refreshments for participants, team travel) associated 
with holding the training.  
If the cost is a blocking point on attending, please contact me off list.

Thanks, Kate

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