Re: Proposal - OpenChain Quality of Conformance Assessment Levels (including a sub-proposal for tooling quality assessment levels)

Matija Šuklje

Die 24. 08. 21 et hora 09:00 Shane Coughlan scripsit:
In broad strokes:
(1) we decided to make it *very* clear this was not about variants of
OpenChain ISO 5230 but rather about where companies can go next after
(2) we decided to pull back from “quality grading” by the project
and instead providing case studies and examples to help inspire companies
This sounds like a sane approach to me.

Check out the latest (and dramatically overhauled) edit here:!AsXJVqby5kpnkShuUGG9M2Ki9MEc
After opening the slide deck today, I was wondering what the complaints were
against :)

The slides look OK to me at the time of this writing.

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