Case Study: Open Source Compliance Automation and Interoperability #2 - Video Now Live


Part #2 of our epic automation case study explores the engineering behind the new graphical tool from Facebook/TNG that makes open source tooling easier to use.

Coming Next:

  • October 13th, we do a deep dive on using ORT via the tool + deep dive into ORT internals engineering.
  • October 27th, we do a deep dive on using TERN via the tool + deep dive into TERN internals engineering.
  • November 10th, we do a “how this tool can work with TERN, ORT and ScanOSS in the real-world.”
  • November 24th, we do a “fake supply chain” showing code going through multiple scanners and maintaining SPDX Lite integrity.
  • December 8th, Facebook Usage Case Study.
  • December 16th, A recap of the whole open source tooling eco-system at Open Compliance Summit 2021.

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