Re: Case Study: Open Source Compliance Automation and Interoperability #2 - Video Now Live


Hi Sebastian!

I would love if you and (or) Thomas could join to help us genuinely dig deep into the ORT side of things.

Would European morning (say 9 or 10am CET) work for you on the 13th?



On Sep 30, 2021, at 18:49, Sebastian Schuberth <sschuberth@...> wrote:

Hi Shane,

in today's ORT developer meeting the session on Oct 13th for "a deep
dive on using ORT" was brought to my attention. None of the ORT core
developers / LF TSC members were aware of that session. Since you're
going to talk about "ORT internals engineering" I'd be curious who's
going to present the engineering internals, if not ORT engineers.

So, any clue who'll be running that session? Does it make sense for me
and / or other ORT engineers to join that session to help you get the
right picture of ORT's internals?

Sebastian Schuberth
(Founder of ORT, the OSS Review Toolkit.)

On Wed, Sep 29, 2021 at 2:01 PM Shane Coughlan
<scoughlan@...> wrote:

Part #2 of our epic automation case study explores the engineering behind the new graphical tool from Facebook/TNG that makes open source tooling easier to use.

Coming Next:

October 13th, we do a deep dive on using ORT via the tool + deep dive into ORT internals engineering.
October 27th, we do a deep dive on using TERN via the tool + deep dive into TERN internals engineering.
November 10th, we do a “how this tool can work with TERN, ORT and ScanOSS in the real-world.”
November 24th, we do a “fake supply chain” showing code going through multiple scanners and maintaining SPDX Lite integrity.
December 8th, Facebook Usage Case Study.
December 16th, A recap of the whole open source tooling eco-system at Open Compliance Summit 2021.

Seen Previously:

Part #1 explores a new graphical tool from Facebook/TNG to make open source tooling easier to use. Our demo shows ORT calling ScanCode in a clean, simple way. We also discuss how the graphical interface was designed.

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