Re: Case Study: Open Source Compliance Automation and Interoperability #3 - Video Now Live


Apologies. The link to the recording was down for a few minutes. It is back now:

On Oct 19, 2021, at 17:12, Shane Coughlan <scoughlan@...> wrote:

Part #3 of our epic automation case study explores the Open Source Review Toolkit (ORT) both in the context of the GUI tool from TNG/Facebook and when used on its own.
This marks the moment when we begin to expand on automation options across the ecosystem in more detail. There are various choices people make when selecting tooling that we hope to unpack here, shortly with TERN, and over time with everything from FOSSology to FOSSLight and beyond.

Coming Next:
• October 27th, we do a deep dive on using TERN via the tool + deep dive into TERN internals engineering.
• November 10th, we do a “how this tool can work with TERN, ORT and ScanOSS in the real-world.”
• November 24th, we do a “fake supply chain” showing code going through multiple scanners and maintaining SPDX Lite integrity.
• December 8th, Facebook Usage Case Study.
• December 16th, A recap of the whole open source tooling eco-system at Open Compliance Summit 2021.
Seen Previously:
• Part #1 explores a new graphical tool from Facebook/TNG to make open source tooling easier to use. Our demo shows ORT calling ScanCode in a clean, simple way. We also discuss how the graphical interface was designed.
• Part #2 explores the engineering behind the new graphical tool from Facebook/TNG that makes open source tooling easier to use.

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